8 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier


8 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Get your life in check now

Little ways that can make a big difference to your daily grind. 

Despite our best efforts to do all the things we had planned to do in a day, the reality is, we just don’t have time. While smartphones have made it much easier to procrastinate for hours (admit it, everyone does it), they have also made life infinitely easier with so many handy apps at your fingertips. Need a to-do list that you can carry with you at all times? There’s an app for that. Need a constant reminder to drink water? Check. Trying to figure out what that awesome song you heard on the radio is? No problem. In the interest of making life’s more tedious tasks easier, we have put together a list of 8 apps that are well worth the storage.

#1 - Shazam
Instantly find out what that catchy song you heard at Alo was by using Shazam. The app takes your music playlists to a whole new level with its ability to identify any song in a matter of seconds. Just open the app, tap to shazam and you’re on your way. It will even save all your Shazams in a library and let you open them in Spotify direct from the app. It’s music to your ears, literally.

#2 - Calm
Need a little zen in your life? Do yourself a favour and download the Calm app immediately. Rated the #1 Health & Fitness app, it will not only improve your mood, but teach you how to relax and get better quality sleep. It makes the ever daunting and sometimes boring meditation skill easy to understand, so you can actually sit down, clear your mind and hopefully stick to it.

#3 - Ulta Beauty 
Shop your favourite beauty & haircare products using Ulta Beauty's mobile app. The in-app barcode scanner makes it easy to restock all your favourite products aka, Bali Body. You can also book appointments at your nearest in-store salon in a snap and send e-gift cards to your BFF's for their birthdays. Try-on virtual looks, discover new trends and check your Ulta Beauty rewards anytime, anywhere. 

#4 - Plant Nanny 
Need motivation and a constant reminder to drink 2 litres of water everyday? Plant Nanny to the rescue. The app combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly. The cute plant on the app, grows as you drink and the idea is that it gets to full size everyday. The consequences of not meeting your daily water quota are not so pretty for your newfound plant friend. Let’s just say that it depends on you drinking water to survive. 

#5 - ClassPass 
If you've just moved to the city and can't afford a GoodLife Fitness membership yet, ClassPass gives you access to thousands of gym studios in your area for a fraction of the price. Choose from cycling, boxing, yoga, dance classes and more - with no long term contracts in sight. Book via the app, show up and get it done. You'll never have the "I can't find a yoga studio near me" excuse again.

#6 - Instagram
If we’re talking apps, obviously the gram needs to get a mention. From keeping up with the latest product news and restocks on Bali Body to following your favourite bloggers for outfit inspo, Instagram definitely qualifies as an app that makes your life easier. With shopping links now included on most pages, spoiling yourself directly from a post couldn't get any easier. To avoid continuous scrolling until you see your favourite accounts, beat the algorithm and turn on post notifications. You’ll never miss a new Bali Body product launch again babes.

#7 - MinimaList 
Avoid that feeling of overwhelm when you have so much to do you don’t even know where to start, with an organisation app. MinimaList makes creating and storing a to-do list on you at all times easier than ever. You can manage all your personal and shared lists, set reminders and even use the timer to boost productivity with ‘focus’ sounds. You’ll never forgot your food shopping list on the kitchen bench again with Minimalist.

#8 - Hopper 
Save yourself serious money next time you’re planning a last minute vacay by using the travel app. Hopper helps you book airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and vacay packages at discounted prices. Not only does that mean you’re left with more funds to purchase your BB vacay essentials but the actual app is free too.

Even if you don’t officially consider yourself an "app person” there’s no denying these apps will bring more calm, productivity and ease to your life.

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