3 Reasons Why You Need The BB Travel Pouch In Your Life


3 Reasons Why You Need The BB Travel Pouch In Your Life

Organise your everyday essentials.

From the babe lacking bathroom storage to the one who's always on the go, the Bali Body Travel Pouch has a place in the life of every kind of babe.

Are you an inner city gal lacking serious bathroom storage or are you just a babe sharing a bathroom with a lot of other babes? We’ve got the solution. Instead of stockpiling your medicine cabinet - get a BB Travel Pouch and fill this instead. And if you wanted to get really strategic you could buy two - one for everyday grooming + skincare essentials, and another dedicated to just makeup.

Are you a workin' girl with a serious social agenda? Zip away your essentials in a BB Travel Pouch so you’re prepared for whatever situation life throws at you i.e. Friday meetings to Friday night dranks. Things you might like to include; a BB Cream for quick touch-ups; mints because minty fresh is always best; a bronzer for a little glow; your go-to lipgloss; and some BB Gold to banish dry skin, hair flyaways or anything in between.

No offence girl but that is one extremely large handbag you have.. let me help you with that. Fill that black hole currently occupying your handbag with a BB Travel Pouch. Whether you use it to store deodorant and BB Cream or pens and Tic Tac's, everything will be zipped away in the Travel Pouch and all of it’s golden glory, ready for when you need it most.

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