Fall Skin Essentials


Fall Skin Essentials

Your fall skincare must-haves

Here's a skincare routine you'll Fall in love with. 

The sweet smell of our Pineapple Tanning Oil is slowly being replaced by the smell of pecan pie, and you're now halfway through your list of Christmas gift ideas (wait wasn't it march, like yesterday?). This can only mean one thing, hot summer days are over and the cold weather is on its way. But don't be sad babe, wipe those tears away. Here at Bali Body, we are devoted to keeping that year-long glow. 

Lowering temps means we're turning the heater from 0-100, real quick. This oh so cozy action often leaves skin looking dry and dull. Fall is the perfect time to start nourishing your skin. Just like the seasons, your skin needs change too. These tips and skin saviours will ensure you're glowing all Fall long. 

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Rub a dub, scrub! 

Brighter more glowing skin, ah yes please! No babes got time for dry lackluster skin this Fall. So reach for a bottle of our Natural Tanning & Body Oil, mixing in one tablespoon of sea salt or coarse sugar. Lather and move your hands in circular motions. Your skin is hydrated by the natural oils, while dry skin is brushed away. The circular motion also promotes blood flow, which equals less cellulite and more happiness (yay!). Use this DIY scrub 1-2 days a week for a radiant glow.

Bronzing Lotion

Don't be scared of the dark

Yikes! You're looking more like Casper The Ghost and less like Cinderella. Que your fairy godmother, in the shape of our Bronzing Lotion. Just like the fairytale, our Bronzing Lotion will make you the bell of the ball in under a minute. When the clock strikes midnight,  jump in the shower to wash your bronze illuminated glow away. Not ready to hang up the glass slippers yet? Our Shimmering Body Oil will have you sparkling like diamonds well into the night. 

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Salvation for hydration 

You've drunk your weight in pumpkin spice lattes, but what about your skin? It's thirsty too you know. Our moisturizing BB Cream offers a continued quench to your skin. Natural ingredients and the lightweight formula makes this perfect for all skin types. Sensitive skinned babes can I get a hallelujah! 

The key hydrating ingredient: Hyaluronic acid. Although it sounds scary it's actually your skins biggest fan. Holding 100 times its weight in water,  this ingredient does all the heavy lifting for your skin.  A quick squeeze of the tube each morning and you're good to go. The added bonus of SPF15 means that you're protected from the sun, even on those overcast days. 

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