This Tik Tok Makeup Trend Has Gone Viral


This Tik Tok Makeup Trend Has Gone Viral

That filtered look IRL

Here at BB HQ we are officially Tik Tok obsessed.

Although we are all for the catchy dances and comedic videos, we can’t seem to scroll past the makeup trends. There have been so many creative, innovative makeup trends appearing in our ‘for you page’ lately, but there was one viral video we couldn't seem to get out of our heads and had to try for ourselves. This viral foundation hack proves to give the skin a filtered appearance, but in real life - plus added bonus it stays in place for over 24 hours. Check out the original video here. With this Tik Tok tip claiming to give the two most important things we need out of foundation, we had to give it a go for ourselves. Here’s how we went.

Step 1

After you have completed your everyday skincare routine, apply a thick layer of moisturiser to your entire face and down your neck. 

BB: Nothing was rocket science here as yet. However, we persisted and moved on to the next step. 

Step 2

Take a light dusting of translucent powder and apply it to your face on top of the moisturiser. 

BB: Hot tip - This is the make or break part, so pay close attention. Usually we apply the setting powder at the end of our makeup application, so this did feel a bit strange at first. However, after doing this, we noticed our skin looked poreless like porcelain. WIN. We continued on. 

Step 3

Lightly spritz your face with setting spray. 

BB: Another step we aren't used to doing at the beginning of the makeup process. Our skin was left with a flawless, dewy looking base. We we're starting to think we'd been doing it wrong all along...

Step 4

Once the setting spray has dried, apply your fave primer. 

BB: Ok, now this seemed familiar and back to our normal makeup routine. After applying primer our skin had never looked so smooth, soft and plump. We were loving the way this process had transformed our base. 

Step 5

Finish by applying your go-to foundation to reveal an IG filter worthy base

BB: WOW. After applying our foundation, our skin was left with the most radiant, flawless glow we'd ever seen. We didn't find the foundation cakey, it merely just sunk into the very hydrated, plump base we had just prepared. We will definitely be continuing to do this makeup process going forward. 10/10 Tik Tok!

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