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Five Ways To Freshen Up Your Workspace

What does your workspace say about you? Do you feel inspired and motivated by it? If the answer is no it way be time for a little office revamp. 

Having a workspace that inspires you is so important! But it's quite easy to let you office get abit overrun and messy. Not to worry, we have created this post with five ways to freshen up your workspace!



One //

Keep it clean and tidy.

Their is noting better than a clean and organise workspace, take time to organize your messy files and stationery. Before you head to home every day, make sure that you have get everything orderly for the next day.


Two //

Add details.

Details always matter. Even a small decoration can make your workplace feel special. Think plants, stationary, a new lamp - it all makes a difference. 

Some of our favourite interior online stores are - The Minimalist, Simple Form and Neutral Instinct. Also your Bali Body makes the perfect desk accessory, use it keep your skin hydrated while you work away.



Three //

Put out some fresh flowers.

Spring is just around the corner - why not embrace the new season with some fresh flowers. They are guaranteed to freshen up any space!



Four // 

Hang some artwork or prints.

Artworks is a great way to decorate your office space without causing more clutter. Play around with different sizes and styles for a modern aesethic.

For some fun prints check out Jasmine Dowling and Blacklist Studio!



Five //

Let some natural light in.

Natural light is the best way to feel refreshed and energised while working. Try and let as much natural light in as possible, you wont regret it.



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