On Your Mask, Get Set, Glow


On Your Mask, Get Set, Glow

How to use our Natural Tanning & Body Oil as a hair mask plus an overnight skin hydrator.

At BB we're all about multi-tasking. We've designed our products to be 2 in 1's. To take you from dusk to dawn, summer to winter.

Here are 2 handy tips to make sure you wake up with hair good enough to be in a Pantene ad and skin as soft as silk.

Overnight Body Mask for Deep Hydration

How we prep our skin before bed is more important than we know. It is when our body gets to catch up, restore and repair. We need to make sure we lather our skin with all natural products to rake in the benefits while we get some much needed zzz's. Let us do the hard work for you while you dream about deep tans & golden sands.

Before jumping into bed, have a warm shower, and steam the day out. Your pores will then be open and ready for some natural, nourishing goodness. Smooth on a layer of our Natural Tanning and Body Oil, go to sleep and you'll wake up with the softest, smoothest skin you've ever had. Plus you can sleep in for longer, because there will be no need to moisturise in the morning.


Hair Mask

Ever wished you could go to bed and wake up with hair as good as Blake Lively? We've made it possible to achieve those luscious locks over night. Once you've lathered your skin with our Natural Tanning & Body Oil, massage it through the ends of your hair and put in a loose bun. This hydrating oil is packed full with Coconut Oil. This super natural oil is nourishing & fast penetrating, meaning it’s perfect for hair rejuvenation. 






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