5 Minutes With Model & Law Student Jilissa Zoltko


5 Minutes With Model & Law Student Jilissa Zoltko

Not just a pretty face

Don’t be fooled, BB babe Jilissa Zoltko is much more than a pretty face. 

We had a quick chat with model and law student, Jilissa Zoltko to chat all things life, loves and future plans. Having worked with Jilissa for the last 3 years now (time flies when you’re having fun), we have been lucky enough to witness her growth first hand. She’s smart, successful and she shares how she juggles it all along with her best advice for aspiring influencers below.

You're a babe with many talents, juggling your studies and influencer responsibilities mustn’t be easy. So what makes it worthwhile?
Social media has also led me to meeting so many incredible, talented people and I have created lifelong friendships. I am so grateful to be able to call this a job. I am constantly able to travel, connect with others, and be creative. I’ve had the opportunity to travel often and love that I can work on the go. Lastly, I really love that my job allows me room to be creative in creating content and putting my own spin on things. 

Tell us how you got to where you are today? 1.4 million followers is a big deal you know!
Back in the day when Instagram was fairly new, I always found myself at the beach taking pictures with friends. I started sharing everything like my new favorite bikinis, how I styled my hair, the best beaches to adventure too, or the yummiest acai bowl restaurants around. As I started to grow on social media, brands began to send me products and clothing/bikinis. They would repost me on their pages and I continued to grow. Over time I’ve been able to continue to grow as an influencer and model and work with so many amazing brands, like Bali Body

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
One of my favorite places in the world is St. Barth’s, it’s such a magical place. I love the culture, food and mountainous landscape. It’s somewhere I can truly unwind and relax. I love that I can have a lazy day spent at the beach (with my Bali Body Tanning Oils of course), a social day out at the shops and restaurants, or an adventurous day taking a hike.

You’re a big fan of Bali Body products, it’s probably what’s made this such a lasting partnership. But if you had to pick just one BB product, what would it be?
It’s difficult to choose just one favorite! I’d say my 2 weekly go-to products are Face Tan Water and 1 Hour Express. The Face Tan Water because it’s so easy to apply, gives my face an added glow, and makes me feel more confident about going out with little to no makeup. The 1 Hour Express tan is my other favorite must-have product because I can apply it last minute before a shoot or beach day!

Thanks so much for this catch up, as a parting word can you give some advice to anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps.
My advice always is to be confident, consistent, and creative. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take risks. Confidence takes time and upkeep, but also empowers everything that you do! Next, consistency is key. I am the type that gets super excited and jumps from one thing to the next, but I sometimes have to take a step back and remember to be consistent with one thing at a time. Lastly, let your creativity shine in all that you do. It will set you apart and make you unique.

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