5mins with world-wandering babe, Grace Kelly

Full Name: Grace Leone Kelly

Job Title: Administrator slash blogger slash world wanderer

You’re and Aussie.. whats your fave things about the land down under? Literally everything! The food, the sunshine all year round, the beach, the fashion. I’m such a proud Aussie girl.

You’re Fave way to start the morning is with.. an early wake up accompanied by a walk along the beach with the sun rising, and a coffee in hand. Those are my ultimate favourite mornings. And where ever I travel I make sure I always wake up early to make the most of the day.

3 Things about you we wouldn’t know.. Oooo.. this is a tough one!

1. To support my travels I work a job in the construction wind turbine industry. This involves long hours, 6 days a week as a site admin for months at a time in the middle of no where in Canada.

2. My first overseas adventure was by myself when I was 13 to China.

3. I would love to one day design my own fashion label.

When your not wadering, your.. Saving my pennies, working, and spending every single day of it planning my next escape.

Best purchase on your travels? The best purchase on my travels would be the jewellry I've picked up along the way. It always brings back memories of the great adventures I've had.

If we were to send one of our BB baes on a Vacay, where should it be? Somewhere tropical, I would have to say Bahamas or Mexico. Crystal clear blue waters and salty vibes.

Salty or Sweet? Sweet

If you were a Bali Body product what would you be? I would be the Luxe Moisturising Lotion.

And why would you wanna be me?.. Because I can feel soft and hydrated all year round, especially through my cold dry winter days in Canada.

Your a wanderer by trade.. What are your on-the-go beauty tips? The biggest thing with travelling and being on-the-go non-stop is accepting natural beauty.. I don't always have time to do my makeup and hair, so I tend to keep a few of my favourite natural products on me at all times (including Bali Body). My main tips would be to take care of your skin. Moisturise daily, especially when travelling. The weather and air changes wherever you go and this can take its toll on your skin. Also minimal make up - try a tinted sunscreen instead of foundation.

Your Biggest Inspiration? My biggest inspiration is my boyfriend, he inspires me daily & when things feel impossible he motivates me to see anything is possible, that I can go anywhere my heart desires.

Next on the Bucket list to do is? Well my list goes on, but The Sahara desert is on my next to-do list.

Where to next? Back to one of my favourite places… CALIFORNIA.

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