How Too Much Stress Affects Your Skin


How Too Much Stress Affects Your Skin

Watch out for these signs

The warning signs in your skin to look out for when stress gets the better of you. 

Stress happens to everyone, it’s just as much a part of life as your morning coffee. Some stress can actually be good for you. It can boost your memory and help you accomplish things more efficiently, that huge to-do list at work included. Too much stress on the other hand does absolutely no favours to your mind, health and skin. Since we can’t just turn off the ‘job, bills and life’ switch when things get a little tough, the best thing to do is to learn how to manage stress and the warning signs of burn out you should look for in your appearance.

Dry, Flakey Skin

Drinking enough water when you’re not stressed is hard enough, so chances are if you are stressed you’re not getting nearly enough. Minimal water with maximum coffee can be super dehydrating, making your skin look feel lethargic and dry. Bring back a fresh-face via a quick hydration fix. Using a product that contains hyaluronic acidan ingredient that holds 1,000 times its weight in water, is a great place to start. The Bali Body BB Cream will instantly hydrate your skin as well as leaving you with a subtle ‘I have my life together’ dewy glow. Finish your morning face with a spritz of Hydrating Face Mist and you will be looking so refreshed you might even start fooling yourself.

Under-Eye Bags

The only type of bags you want in your life are Gucci. One of the biggest reasons why stress affects our appearance so much is from the lack of beauty sleep we’re getting. If tomorrow’s to-do list is constantly weighing on your mind, you can expect the lack of sleep to result in puffy eyes. Other than trying to get at least eight hours of sleep, avoid sleeping on your stomach at all costs. As comfortable as it is, gravity and under-eye bags don’t go well together. Turning your phone off an hour before bed to calm your eyes and having a warming cup of herbal tea (caffeine-free) will also help you sleep more and worry less.

Stress Spots & Blemishes

Everyone knows you break out when you’re stressed but do you know why? Too much stress releases cortisol, which can throw off the other hormones in your body and cause breakouts. This can result in acne or flare up any other skin issues you’re prone to, including psoriasis or eczema. Stress also disrupts the balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut. This disruption usually shows up on your skin in the form of unwanted blemishes and stress spots. Put simply, stress = breakouts. 

Rather than trying to treat your stress spots with a handful of new products, stick to your usual skincare routine and work on getting your mind and body back to its best functioning form. Deep breathing, yoga and meditation is a great way to calm anxiety and stress, along with drinking plenty of water and eating a well balanced diet. Trying to fix stress acne with breathing exercises may sound silly, but getting your cortisol levels down and your hormones back to normal will help keep your unwanted breakouts away. The only way your body can handle stress effectively is if it’s properly nourished. A diet full of acai bowls, leafy green salads and plenty of water will revitalise your body, while a glass of wine at home will do wonders for a stressed mind. Life is all about balance after all babes. 

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