Meet Our Number One #MumCrush


Meet Our Number One #MumCrush

All things mumlyfe, beauty cheats and morning rituals.

Our number one mum crush @shihfengavala chats with us about all things #mumlyfe, morning rituals, and beauty cheats for babes on-the-go.

Your fave way to start the day is with a... early morning workout and a nice big breakfast

Between modelling, mum life, and running your own label - how do you fit in time to look after yourself? Sometimes it’s hard trying to balance everything. But I love to take it day by day, so that I don’t get too stressed. We told ourselves before Iona and Mei Mei were born that they would just fit into our life – they tag along wherever! It hasn’t changed since and works so well. As a mum sometimes you’ve got to be selfish. They know I need time for myself and they give me that space. They’re seriously the best. Going to the beach is such a good way to unwind, that way I can also sneak in a few bikini shots.

You’re a babe who's always on the go.. what are your 3 fave beauty cheats that are quick but have you looking/feeling your best? I love Bali Body's BB Cream and their Gold body oil; I use them pretty much every day. The tinted beauty balm is perfect for giving my face that added tint and light coverage. My legs get super dry, so the oil is a must in my bag. Another one of my go-to products is dry shampoo.

I got it from my mumma... I definitely have my mums caring personality, her lips and straight hair! I can see my gentle nature in Mei Lan and Ilona has my hands and fingernails, they’re definitely a mini version of mine!!

This Mother’s Day I'll... Be in Bali. Yay! I know Jhan will spoil me with a delicious lunch somewhere, and then we'll spend the day at the beach with our babies. What we love to do most!

Happy Mumma's Day, Love BB x

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