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Trending Skincare In 2019

From tanning lotions to body oils these are the trends you'll see all over your Instagram feed

Here are our top predictions for skincare trends in 2019. It looks like everyone is going for the likes of vegan skincare & tanning lotions. 

2018 was the year for glossy skin, oils, wet look hair and highlighter so bold it even made Meghan Markle look dull in comparison. So how will these trends stack up?

Hyaluronic is here to stay

It had a staring moment in 2018, but this miracle ingredient isn't ready to give up the spotlight just yet. No matter whether you're young or old, everyone's skin can benefit with a boost of hyaluronic acid. Include it into your daily skin routine and notice a visible difference within days.

The easiest way to incorporate it is to use our BB Cream, which is filled with the skin loving ingredient. This face lotion is so easy to apply and will improve your skin over time. Find out more about the benefits of hyaluronic acid here.

Endless bronzed summers

A year-long bronzed tan is always in. It gives a healthy glow to your skin and makes everything from your eyes to clothes 'pop'. For an instant pick-me-up with a hint of tint try our Bronzing Lotion. It gives that 'I just jetted in from the Whitsundays' look in under a minute.

Looking for something a little more permanent, then you might prefer a fake tanner. The DHA in the product reacts with your skin to give you a deep tan that'll stick around for 5-7 days. Our new Self Tanning Mousse is the number one pick, with 100% natural DHA you'll have a flawless fake tan year round. For tips on how to fake the perfect tan click here. 

Natural is best

Natural, clean and vegan lifestyle choices have exploded... and it's not just limited to those smoothie bowls we've been sipping on all summer. This growing trend extends to skincare too. In 2019 its cool to be kind, so choose cruelty-free products for a glowing complexion and conscience. Not only are you benefitting your skin by choosing natural and vegan-friendly products, (like our Self Tanning Mousse) you're helping grow a trend into an important lifestyle choice.

SPF'd to impress

The best thing you can wear in 2019 is a nourishing SPF. With babes worldwide clueing on to the SPF trend, this one's turning up the heat. Whats not #trending though is sticky, heavy SPF. For a lightweight sunscreen lotion, reach for our Moisturising Sunscreen. Lightly scented with coconut this lotion will have you protected from head to toe. 

With this growing trend, came growing demand. So it was only right to release our best-selling Tanning Oils in SPF15 too. Now you can purchase the full range in SPF6, SPF15 or without.

Layers on layers

2018 was all about body and face oils. Oils make skin look more radiant and glowing. They offer deep hydration and improve the tone and appearance of your skin. But in 2019 we're taking this trend to new heights by layering both body oils and moisturising lotions.

Moisturising lotion is the key to any layering routine. It acts as a seal to lock in the benefits of the natural oils, making it more effective. Apply a lightweight lotion like our Luxe Lotion then apply your fave Tanning Oil. As a rule, oils can penetrate through moisturising lotions, but not vice versa. Say hello to a new year and new skin!

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