Introducing Our New Baby: The Bali Body Body Highlighter


Introducing Our New Baby: The Bali Body Body Highlighter

The glow you never knew you needed

Hydrating. Luminous. Vegan friendly. Cruelty Free. Instant. Flawless.

Could this be your dream product? Quite possibly!

Your instant go-to glow is finally here. Introducing our exclusive new Body Highlighter. This instant body illuminator allows you to add that sunkissed, radiant glow in seconds.

Providing our customers with high quality, versatile and ethical products is our number one priority, (and our strength). 

Let’s find out why our Body Highlighter is going to be your next favourite Bali Body product.

Why We’ve Brought This To You

At Bali Body, we are all about loving the skin you’re in. Life is too short to not have confidence in the way we look and to not flaunt what we’ve got! Our products are all about elevating what we already have while giving us that extra boost of confidence to take on life.

This is why our Body Highlighter was created. You can achieve a luminous, dewy and bronzed glow in seconds - wherever and whenever you like! Beauty and skincare is all about convenience and accessibility. 

Packaged in a super chic, travel-friendly tube, this bronzing staple will easily fit into your purse or clutch for either a night out on the town or a night in with the girls!

The Body Highlighter formula is transfer-resistant, lightweight and fast absorbing. We at Bali Body have ensured that it is a highly blendable product, that will essentially melt into your skin and create a super glossy overtone directly on top of your skin's natural tone.

 Benefits Of Our Body Highlighter

This little gem is your glow on the go.

You can elevate your day look into night, in seconds. From dusk ‘til dawn you will be looking dewy, sunkissed and glowing. Ever wondered how celebrities achieve that illuminating touch in all of their photos? Well now you too can be red-carpet ready in seconds.

How To Use

The beauty of our Body Highlighter is that you can apply this however, wherever and whenever you like! 

We recommend applying the preferred amount of product onto the desired areas of skin, and blend in using either your hands or our Body Blending Brush. Brush or blend in long, sweeping motions to ensure an even distribution of the product and shine.


What I Pair Well With

An Aperol Spritz and cute outfit mostly, however I go with pretty much anything! As the Body Highlighter’s formula is highly blendable and transfer-resistant, it is complimentary on any skin tone or complexion. 

This new cosmetic essential was also launched exclusively with our revolutionary Bronzing Serum. Make sure you also read our blog on the game-changing launch of this serum to get properly acquainted with this highlighting hero! Highlight, illuminate and bronze - this dynamic duo really is a triple threat when it comes to the glowing game.

You can also apply the Body Highlighter over any of our Self-Tans for an added glow. Whether you’ve pre planned your tan with our Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse or are running late with our 1 Hour Express or Instant Tan, our Body Highlighter is the perfect finishing touch to any look!

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