Introducing The Gradual Glow Bundle


Introducing The Gradual Glow Bundle

The bundle you've all been waiting for

You guys asked and we delivered (I mean, we always do!). Gradual tanning is the perfect approach to achieve that subtle and buildable glow, all year round. 

Whether you are new to the self tanning game or have been in it for the long haul, you honestly can’t go wrong with the overall concept of gradual tanning. We have designed this bundle specifically to compliment all of our Gradual Tanning products and have conveniently put them all in the one place to help you save money and time.

Let’s break down each of our Gradual Glow Bundle heroes and go through why this bundle is going to be your new tanning BFF!

Gradual Face Tan

The hero of our Gradual Glow Bundle is of course our best selling and customer favourite Gradual Face Tan. Our Gradual Face Tan sold out worldwide in less than 24 hours post launch, making it one of Bali Body’s best selling products, ever!

Our Gradual Face Tan has an incredibly hydrating formula that will simultaneously nourish your skin as well as allowing you to gradually build up or down your glow.

Application is super simple. Following your regular cleansing routine, apply all over your face and down your neck. The beauty of this being a gradual tan is the control you have in being able to build up your colour. This gives you the freedom to match your face tan to your decollage and body more seamlessly, depending on what you have coming up. If the weekend is approaching and you have an event, you can build up from Wednesday to create the perfect, tanned base below your weekend makeup. 

If you are looking for a more natural glow, apply sparingly as you see fit, and compliment with a lightweight BB cream. We recommend using this in conjunction with our Bali Body BB Cream to give your skin a dewy, bronzed glow - perfect to carry you through the working week!

Gradual Tan

We couldn’t give you our Gradual Face Tan without bundling in our original and best selling Gradual Tan. Much like our Gradual Face Tan, our Gradual Tan allows you to gradually build up your base shade. This gives you total control over how bronzed or how sunkissed you wish to be.

Following your pre-tan skin prep, apply to your body using our Luxe Tanning Mitt for a streak free and even application. 

Our Gradual Tan has been designed as a 2 in 1 product, allowing you to utilise it as both a moisturiser and a gradual tanner. Apply every morning or night to achieve that glowy, bronzed look all year round.

Unlike other tanning products, our Gradual Tanning products are completely fragrance free, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate this into your skincare and tan routine.  

Hot tip: some of us at Bali Body HQ also use the Gradual Tan in between using any of our regular Self Tanning products, like our Ultra Dark Mousse, to help with the longevity of the tan.

Luxe Tanning Mitt

We couldn’t bundle all of your Gradual Tanning faves without including our best selling Luxe Tanning Mitt. Our mitt ensures a smooth and streak free application of your Gradual Tan, protecting your hands and fingers from any residue whilst still providing you with perfect application every time! 

Unlike other tanning mitts available on the market, our Luxe Tanning Mitt has been developed to mimic the silhouette of your hand and thumb, to ensure better control and coverage when you are applying. With a velvet outterlay, this mitt will ensure a silky smooth application every time. 

To get the best results, we recommend giving your mitt a rinse with warm water in between each use.

To top off the convenience of our Gradual Glow Bundle, it comes in our Exclusive Luxe Cosmetic Bag. It’s new, a one-off and perfect for carrying all of your favourite Bali Body and skincare products. Whether you’re heading to your girlfriends to get ready before a night out or jet setting overseas (finally!), this is the perfect carry case to accompany any trip.

Why we love bundles?

Why do we love a bundle you ask? For many reasons, and they all benefit our BB customers!

Most importantly, save save save! The more you bundle, the more you save overall. We believe in two things here at Bali Body; tan smart and shop savvy! Whether you are buying this bundle for a gift or just spoiling yourself, saving overall on these products is a no brainer.

Secondly, the products in our bundles always compliment each other. Here at Bali Body HQ we received overwhelming feedback from our BB babes to create a Gradual Glow Bundle, and we believe that we certainly have delivered!  

Bundling complimentary products ensures that all of your Bali Body faves are in one place, making it easier for you to shop and leaving the leg work and price saving to us!

We know that this bundle will make your gradual tanning routine easier and more convenient than it ever has before. 

We now hope that you better understand the many benefits of gradual tanning as a concept, and can also see the benefit of each of these products and how by complimenting them together, you get the full gradual tanning experience!

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