4 Places You Aren't Wearing Highlighter But Should Be


4 Places You Aren't Wearing Highlighter But Should Be

Apply and glow

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that we recently launched into the cosmetics category with our most glowy product to date, a Highlighter Stick. 

It’s luxe, shimmery and has everyone talking about the glow it gives to your cheekbones. If you haven't seen all 3 shades in action yet, check them out here. Just when you thought highlighter was only for your face, we have some exciting new ways to apply and glow that don’t include your cheek bones or nose. Here are 4 places where you aren't wearing Highlighter but should be. 

1. Decolletage 
Do you ever wonder how Hailey Baldwin looks so good on the red carpet in a strapless dress? It’s Highlighter. Admittedly she also works alongside the best stylists and makeup artists in the world, but a touch of glow does wonders on the decolletage. Applying highlighter on your decolletage area attracts attention to your structure by brightening the skin. For a really defined look, carefully place the Bali Body Highlighter Stick onto the high points of where your collar bones protrude outwards rather than just sweeping it everywhere.

2. Cleavage
Giving the illusion of going up an extra cup size can be done in more ways than wearing the famous Victoria Secret bombshell bra. Once you’ve applied our Self Tanning Mousse prior, it’s easy to add light to trick the eye into your cleavage looking bigger than it is, or just highlighting what you have already got. To highlight your cleavage you want to draw attention to the top parts of your breasts by adding light to these areas. If you’re not sure, just remember that light and shine pop forward (cleavage) and darker, shadowy colours recede (chest). Less is always more.

3. Shoulders
If you’re not already adding a pop of highlighter on warm summer nights when you wear cute dresses that show your shoulders, you need to start now. Adding some shimmer and shine will make your shoulders and self tan pop with glow. We’re pretty sure it’s Kylie Jenner’s secret to those seductive shoulder posts she’s constantly gramming and we think you’re going to love it.

4. Eyelids
If your skin is fair to medium, the Highlighter Stick in the shade Sunkissed may be slightly too dark to use on the high points of your face. Use it on your eyelids instead for a golden bronze eye look that will suit every babe. See how beauty blogger and BB babe Lauren Will of Lauren’s Lip Glossary achieves a glam bronzed look using all 3 Highlighter shades here. It’s the ultimate look for your next cocktail night with your best gals.

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