4 ways you should be using your BB Gold...


4 ways you should be using your BB Gold...

Eye baggage: When sleepless nights come a knockin’ and R&R is not on the agenda you’ll need to up the ante on your eye care situation. BB Gold, laden with superpowers and an array of miracle oils, will keep eye baggage in line, and help to banish dark circles.

Daily dose of H20: BB gold, otherwise known as the ‘smooth operator’ is ultra-hydrating and will keep your skin dewy, glowing and smooth year-round.

Skin Nasties: Skin nasties i.e. eczema, acne, psoriasis, aggravated skin, happen to the better of us. Often diet and lifestyle play a huge part in breeding skin nasties, therefore you gotta’ clean up your act to clean up your skin. But if you’re after a topical treatment that’ll soothe, repair and restore moisture to the skin whilst combatting skin nasties – BB Gold got this. Let blemishes be bygones so you can get your glow on.

Tanning + the aftermath: BB Gold is your go-to for a day in the rays. This multi-tasking tanning oil will see your skin through sunshiney days but can also be applied as an after sun treatment to hydrate and repair deep below the surface of your skin.

Images via: @emilyabay_photographer @madi_edwards @evaczarnocka

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