Bali Body’s Essentials To Prepare Your Skin For A Night Out


Bali Body’s Essentials To Prepare Your Skin For A Night Out

Boost your party ego with Bali Body skincare.

Add Bali Body to your party prep to have that fresh-faced dewy glow all night long. Here at BB, we are all about perfecting the summer shine no matter what hour our babes are choosing to turn the lights off.

Rule 1: Highlight your skin right

How: When using Bali Body’s Shimmering Body Oil your skin is lifted in an instant with an illuminated glow to reach your after-dark ultimate skin goals. Our Body Oil is made with mica shimmer dust and smells like a coconut dream. Feel confident as our sparkly accessory gives you a bronze shimmering sheen before the sun sets and after the sun rises. The liquid gold will be like the vodka to your soda, and the tequila in your sunrise. Packed with nourishing oils like Coconut and Jojoba which will help tighten and rejuvenate your skin. Bali Body is providing your skin with hydration and moisture to give you a radiant shine. Look bronzed and glimmering as you nourish, smooth and sparkle into the dawn with Bali Body. For every babe, everywhere and all the time.

Shimmering Body Oil

Rule 2: Use natural products on your face; that your skin will love you for

How: Get ready to ditch all those nasty thick foundations that are wearing you down, clogging your pores and drying out your skin. Say hello to our BB Cream, light-weight, compact and essential for your party prep. Correcting your skin whilst you dance the night away. Fitting in any handbag, clutch or even your wallet, this little wonder is a necessity to your night out. Comes in four adaptable shades for every BB babe, giving the flawless complexion you deserve. What's in our miracle worker? We use Hyaluronic Acid which is our little secret to plump, hydrated and super soft skin. Reducing inflammation and boosting the skin’s elasticity no matter what time our babes are applying :) Whilst you focus on your next drink, we will concentrate on your flawless finish.

BB Cream

SO babes, let us turn up your shine with our BB essentials so that you can glow the night away.

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