Can You Use Normal Self Tan On Your Face?


Can You Use Normal Self Tan On Your Face?

The easiest way to self tan your face

All your face tan questions answered. 

When it comes to fake tanning your body, there are certain rules you need to follow to ensure a flawless finish. From exfoliating the day prior, having a cold shower to combat strawberry legs and applying moisturiser for an even application. After a few applications, it’s all pretty simple right? But what about your face? Do you need to moisturise first? Can you use normal self tan? Will it make your skin breakout?

If you’re scratching your head at these questions, you’re not alone. We’re going to delve into self tanning your face, the do’s, the don’ts and the best products to use for a sunkissed bronzed complexion without the sun.

Can you use normal self tan on your face? 
While there are so many incredible self tan formulas on the market these days, if it’s not specifically created to be applied on your face, then skip it. The skin on our face is typically more sensitive and prone to breakouts, so using a self tan that has been made for your body may just result in irritation and clogged pores. You should always choose a self tanner that has been made for your face, they’re generally more hydrating and noncomedogenic - meaning they are formulated in a way that is not likely going to leave you with blocked pores. 

What is the best face tan to use? 
Choosing the right self face tan for you is always the first step in your glow journey. We always recommend opting for a face tanner that is made with 100% natural DHA and also checking the ingredients list to be sure there is nothing that may cause skin irritation. Formulas and application techniques vary so opt for something that will easily fit into your routine.

If you like minimal products in your routine, then our Gradual Face Tan would be the perfect option. The multi-tasking face cream combines your daily face moisturiser with a gradual self tan so you can hydrate the skin and achieve a subtle (yet noticeable) bronzed complexion at the same time. Alternatively, if you prefer a face tanner that really packs in the self tan element and gives you a bronzed complexion after just one application, choose our Face Tan Water. Both products are easy to apply and with a little know-how, can easily slide into your regular skincare routine. 

What should I do before I apply self tanner to my face? 
Applying a self tan product like Gradual Face Tan and Face Tan Water to the face is much easier then you may think. You can either apply them alone or fit them into your skincare routine. The Face Tan Water would fit in where you would usually apply your toner and the Gradual Face Tan at the end in place of your moisturiser.

In terms of maintaining your perfect face tan, the same rules that apply to your body appy to your face. Moisturise daily and ensure you exfoliate your face at least once a week to really clean the skin and remove any excess build up. Using strong skincare actives like retinol may reduce the longevity of any face tan products on the face, so consistent use will keep you looking sunkissed. We recommend applying the Gradual Face Tan every 1-2 days and the Face Tan Water every 2-3 days.

Read more about the new Bali Body Gradual Face Tan here.

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