Do Bali Body Tanning Oils really work?


Do Bali Body Tanning Oils really work?

Umm babe is the sun hot? Is water wet?

It’s official, we have your sun-tanning needs covered, naturally. We're about to give all our BB babes some top secret goss. SO, what makes Bali Body Tanning Oils better than other tanning oils? Is the hype real? and how do they actually work?

Let’s open a bottle of Bali Body magic and see what’s taking us to our #tangoals

#1 Natural Tanning and Body Oil

Our original baby is a golden multitasker, not just used for sun tanning but as an all-around skin pleaser. It’s organic and raw ingredients include the highest quality organic coconut oil. Coconut oil helps reflect UV’s off our skin and hold the heat, activating our melanin and creating our bronzed babe look. Our golden hero is made with jojoba and grapeseed oil with superpowers helping treat acne, reduce dark under eye circles, moisturise and tighten your skin. Yes, it’s true now you know why all your besties won’t stop talking about us. Coconut oil is a key contributor to skin protection, hydration and absorption of the vitamin D so, lather on up girlfriends and enjoy the coco ride.

Natural Tanning and Body Oil

#2 Watermelon Tanning Oil

This tropical tanning tool is the key to your deepest tan yet. Our Watermelon Tanning Oil is the ultimate sun-tanning tool. This little marvel is completely natural and filled with hydrating oils to nourish and replenish skin whilst helping you achieve the deepest possible tan. Read more to find out how..

You know that thing we were talking about before? The melanin in our skin which is the cause of our bronzed glow.  Our Watermelon Tanning Oil contains a little friend of ours called Watermelon Seed Oil. The Watermelon Seed Oil boosts your natural production of melanin creating the deepest of all tans. Yes babes, if you didn’t think you could get any more tanned you were wrong. The Watermelon Tanning Oil boosts and rejuvenates skin elasticity, hydrating that glow and keeping our tan at 100 for as long as possible. There’s nothing hotter than smooth, silky, tropical-smelling skin… with a tan of course :)

#3 Cacao Tanning Oil

To add to our range of natural tanning oils, our Cacao Tanning Oil is one for the chocolate lovers (me!). Our Cacao Tanning Oil is not only melting hearts with its light chocolate scent, but the little tint of bronze gives us that instant glow using the natural superfood cacao. Our Cacao Tanning Oil contains the purest organic coconut oil and we all know what this baby is responsible for. Smooth glowing skin and instant hydration.

AND, if you're a little like us Bali Body Babes and not one for the info overload, we have dedicated a whole social media page to show our bebs how our tanning oils work, visually. Simply just search Bali Body Results on instagram to get some visuals on how we are the queens of that glow.

So ladies and gents, keep your standards high and your tans golden with Bali Body.

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