How To Treat Chapped Lips


How To Treat Chapped Lips

Get soft kissable lips fast

As much as wearing winter clothes is cute, the chapped lips that come with the cold temperatures are not so much.  

If your lips are in a permanent state of dry and dull after what feels like the longest and snowiest winter in Canada's history, then you’re not alone. As soon as the cold weather hits, our lips tend to go from plump and sexy to dry, itchy and cracked. While you may want to blame all your lip woes on the cold (it is at least 50% to blame) there are a bunch of lifestyle habits that you can change to keep them soft and hydrated all year long.

Chapped lips are the result of excess dryness. In summer, they can get dry and sunburnt, while in the winter, they’re wind-chilled and dry. That is because skin on the lips is one of the most sensitive areas on the body and the most exposed to the environment. To add to insult, we also don't have the same amount of natural oils on our lips as we do our bodies. While the first step in eliminating a dehydrated pout is a good lip balm for dry lips, here are a bunch of other ways babes can get their pout date ready in no time. 

1. First things first, stock up on lip balm and keep it by your side at all times. The Bali Body Coconut Lip Balm SPF15 is the perfect companion for your desk, handbag and bedside table. The natural lip balm is packed with nourishing oils to smooth and repair dry lips.

2. Apply lip balm before you wash your face. Sounds a little wild, but if you’re using any harsh skincare products they may actually be drying out your lips. The ingredients in many acne creams and cleansers can disrupt your pH balance and cause chapping.

3. Use coconut oil. Coconut oil is a protective oil that acts as a antiviral protective barrier. It also assists with skin rejuvenation making it both a preventative and curing solution. The Bali Body Coconut Lip Balm SPF15 is packed with the natural, powerful ingredient.

4. If your lips are a little dry and sore, try cutting up some cucumber in thin pieces and letting them sit on your lips for 5-minutes. The cucumber is super hydrating and will leave them feeling cool and refreshed.

5. Up the ante on your sleep routine by applying lip balm before you go to bed and turning on your humidifier. All the rejuvenating properties in the Coconut Lip Balm will work as you sleep while the humidifier will add more moisture to the air.

6. Exfoliate your pout. If you’ve never given yourself a good lip exfoliation, you’re in for a treat. Make a quick and easy paste at home using sugar and honey and rub it over your lips gently with a soft toothbrush to remove any dry cracked skin.

7. Ensure your lips are protected from the sun - even in winter. Using a sunscreen infused lip balm will help prevent burned, chapped lips. Don't be fooled by thinking you can skip the SPF in winter either, protection is required all year round.

8. Avoid licking your lips. As crazy as it sounds, licking your lips strips even more moisture then it adds. You're much better off opting for a quick swipe of lip balm instead.

9. If your lips are chapped, avoid eating anything that is going to not only string them, but cause more dryness. We’re talking citrus fruits, spicy foods and even salty treats. Sorry babes the potato chips are a no-go zone. 

Now you're armed with all the chapped lip fighting intel you could need, it's time to prep for your next date night. Cheers to soft kissable lips BB babes.  

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