New Product: Self Tan Remover


New Product: Self Tan Remover

A fresh start for your skin

Just when you thought our self tan range couldn't get any better, we came up with a solution to the most common self tan problem. 

Nothing makes you feel as great as having freshly bronzed skin after applying self tan. Your confidence is instantly lifted and you look like you just got back from the beach when in reality it was a bottle of Bali Body and 4 hours marinating on the couch. There is however one very common problem with self tan and that’s getting it completely off the skin so that you can apply a fresh layer. The solution? Our latest product, the Bali Body Self Tan RemoverIt took us endless product samples and lots of testing but we’re so excited to finally launch the most gentle and hydrating fake tan remover on the market. 

What is the Bali Body Self Tan Remover? 

The Bali Body Self Tan Remover is an innovative foaming solution created specifically to remove any unwanted self tan or product build up from the skin. It provides both a gentle and effective way to remove stubborn self tan in minutes, leaving your skin silky smooth. We’re talking about skin so clean that even those dry self tan patches that sometimes appear on your elbows will be completely gone. It’s been formulated with nourishing ingredients for optimum skin hydration and replenishment including Aloe Vera and Glycerin. Free from parabens and sulphates, our new Self Tan Remover is also vegan and suitable for babes with even the most sensitive of skin types. 

How do I use the Bali Body Self Tan Remover? 

Using the Self Tan Remover is easy. All you need to do is apply the foaming solution to the necessary areas of your body using your hands and wait 5 minutes for it to work it’s magic before you shower. The Rose Extract within the product will gently remove unwanted tan residue from the skin while the Jojoba Seed Oil and Glycerin will provide intense hydration and skin nourishment. 

Do I need to use the Self Tan Remover with the Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt? 

While you can use the remover on it’s own we recommend pairing it alongside our new Exfoliating Mitt to achieve the best results. Just like Gigi and Zayn, some things just go better together. Once the Self Tan Remover has been sitting on the skin for at least 5 minutes, take a warm shower and brush the Exfoliating Mitt across your skin in circular motions, ensuring you remove any stubborn build up. The reusable Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt will not only effectively remove unwanted tan but it will also gently exfoliate to prepare your skin for your next seamless, natural looking self tan.

Gone are the days of trying to remove your fake tan with lemon juice to just end up with more streaks then you started with. Shop the most gentle and hydrating fake tan remover on the market here

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