Whether you are jet setting off to the tropics for some fun in the sun or battling through the arctic temps, keep your glow no matter the season with our Natural Tanning and Body Oil. 

The Colder Seasons

Cold world problem 101... If you’re the kind of babe that dreads the colder months, don’t worry you’re not alone. That’s where we come in, BB to the rescue. If you’re the kinda gal who is prone to flakey skin, patchy complexion, dull skin tone, uneven fake tan and eczema prone skin then don’t stress, your loyal skin slave has come to the rescue! Say hello to glowing, moisturised skin.

Our Natural Tanning and Body Oil is packed with all the good stuff to ensure your skin glows this winter. Let’s get the glow down… BB Gold is laden with Grape seed oil that not only treats acne but firms and tightens skin. Every skin type needs Jojoba Oil. Jojoba Oil fights against facial lines, skin scarring and fatty tissue. Your skin will praise you for using this super natural oil! We told you we got this!

Not only does Bali Body Tanning and Body Oil rescue your winter skin, it hydrates, rejuvenates and gives your skin that ‘I just got back from the Bahamas kinda glow.' With BB by your side, we’ve got winter covered, literally.


BB Beauty Hack

Try using our Tanning and Body Oil in a hot shower after cleansing for silky smooth skin. This will keep your skin and every pore moisturised, hydrated and glowing all day and night long, plus save yourself some bathroom time, as there is no need to moisturise post shower. All babes rejoice!


The Warmer Seasons

When the weather steps up, so should your Bali Body collection. If you’re craving that deep golden glowing tan, then look no further than our Tanning and Body Oil. Your ultimate multi-tasking product this summer.

Grab your best babes, your towel, and don’t forget your BB Gold. Lather your skin generously with our Natural Tanning and Body Oil for that deep golden tan, and rest easy knowing your skin will be smooth and hydrated all day and night long. If you’re wondering how our Tanning and Body Oil gives you that bronze, it’s your new best friend Coco Oil. Coco Oil really does solve all. This super natural oil is anti-viral and fast penetrating meaning it’s perfect for skin rejuvenation and building that summer glow. We bottled summer just for you.


BB Beauty Hack

Are you a babe with hair that drys out when you hit the salt water? Did you know that you can use our Tanning and Body Oil in your hair to repair damaged ends? Yes you heard right... Apply sparingly to the ends of your hair to add moisture and life back to your now luscious locks.



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