Tan. Nourish. Protect. Your post-beach skincare routine


Tan. Nourish. Protect. Your post-beach skincare routine

A true BB babe loves a day spent by the beach, but if you don’t take a little extra care in your skincare routine, the saltwater can dry out your skin. Follow these top tips for an all over healthy glow in and out of the sun:

Take a Long Shower

After a day of relaxing and lounging on the beach, you can get build-up of sand, salt, suntan oil and sunscreen on your skin. Take a nice long shower to wash this all off your body. Use a loofah or washcloth to scrub gently in small circular motions to leave skin fresh & clean. This helps dislodge any product build-up without scratching or damaging your skin further. Instead of using soap, use a hydrating body wash or a moisturising oatmeal soap to soothe irritated skin and give it a much-needed moisture boost.


Bronzed skin looks best when it is hydrated and healthy, for glowing skin from the inside out lather up with lotion at the end of the day. Our Luxe Moisturising Lotion contains aloe vera, which is known for its cooling and healing properties. Aloe vera is also especially great for sun-damaged skin and helps hydrate your body. Reapply moisturiser throughout the day to keep the skin nourished and revitalised. 

Look after your feet

Walking around barefoot on the sand is a great way to exfoliate your feet and get rid of any rough skin, but it can leave them feeling dry. After your shower, use a hydrating body oil to keep your feet feeling soft & smooth. Our Natural Tanning & Body Oil is the perfect post-sun fix for dry & cracked skin. Massage onto your feet for a few minutes, and then cover with cotton socks to lock in the moisture.

Post-beach skincare is crucial for keeping your skin glowing year-round. 

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