Why You Need To Be Dry Brushing


Why You Need To Be Dry Brushing

Dry brush your way to glowing skin

It’s time to swap your morning celery juice for dry-brushing babes, this beauty hack is everything you need for glowing skin.

We know you’re thinking that adding another thing to your current beauty regime seems impossible, right? But what if we told you that dry brushing an extra 5 minutes a few times a week could improve your skin significantly.

As one of the largest organs of the body, the skin is responsible for a pretty big chunk of our detoxing needs. This means that keeping it healthy is important, and dry brushing can play a huge part of that. While it’s certainly no replacement for your topical beauty products or healthy diet, it’s a great addition for seriously smooth and healthy skin. It’s also cheap, easy to do and will make the world of difference to your skin and confidence when you have your bod out on vacay - with no crazy carrot diets in sight.

Dry brushing is exactly what is sounds like. You take a brush (firm, natural bristles are best) and use it to gently massage your body in an upward motion, moving towards the heart. Anytime is a good time to body brush, but a quick 2-5 minutes before your morning shower is recommended to boost your energy and immune system for the day head.

We know sleep is precious, but after reading why you need dry brushing in your life you're going to start waking up before your alarm. Get ready to fall in love as fast as Hailey and Justin. 

It increases circulation

Dry brushing the skin, increases circulation and encourages important blood flow so that your skin cells can turn over and renew. It also reduces blotchiness, dark spots and that ‘orange peel’ look that sometimes occurs, which are all a result of poor circulation.

The best way to do it? Apply a good amount of pressure to the brush as you stroke upwards towards your heart to really get that your circulation going.

It exfoliates your skins

Now you can exfoliate without using scrubs. Dry brushing helps keep skin looking vibrant and bright by getting rid of dead skin cells and keeping pores clear. Better yet, regular exfoliation primes your skin to absorb the ingredients from your favourite body moisturisers and oils much more effectively. Get smoother, softer skin as well as a lot more bang for your buck. 

It improves muscle tone

Tightening the skin without doing squats? Yes please. Not only does dry brushing improve digestion and relieve stress but it can help support muscle toning and reduce skin sagging as well. That extra 5 minutes in the morning doesn't sound so bad now does it? Dry brushing for the win!

It can help reduce cellulite

Fighting cellulite can seem like a never-ending battle. If you have committed to endless gym sessions and buddha bowls, yet the dimpled skin around your thighs just won’t budge - add dry brushing to your routine. By massaging the skin cells, dry brushing will actually reduce the appearance of dimpled skin by promoting circulation that smooths the skin’s texture. It’s no one size fits all fix, but regular dry-brushing will see noticeable changes.

#BBProTip: Dry brush, shower and apply the Bali Body Luxe Moisturising Lotion on for ultimate hydration. Your skin will soak up all the additional skin soothing properties in the lotion even better once it has been well exfoliated.

It increases energy

Relying on your morning latte to get you through the day? Boost your energy levels by getting your blood flow and circulation pumping with some - you guessed it - dry body brushing. A quick 3-5 minutes of brushing in the morning will not only make you feel good, but increase your energy levels throughout the day.

Invest in a dry brush online or at your local health store and brush your lumps and bumps away, babes.

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