Winter Skincare Essentials For Summer Skin


Winter Skincare Essentials For Summer Skin

Enjoy summer skin when you're mid-Canadian winter with these products

Make frosty mornings, toasty tea and glowing skin an everyday thing with the help of BB. 

Whether you live in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, your skin always behaves differently in winter. It’s up against the elements, subject to colder temperatures and the low humidity can cause some serious havoc.

Avoiding hot showers that strip your skin of its natural oils and ensuring you drink enough H2o is a good first step to fighting off dry skin in winter. Updating your beauty bag with a range of products that will keep your base healthy, hydrated and glowing is even better. 

Here is your must-have winter lust list for skin that looks and feels as perfect as a hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon.

Conceal & Protect

Swap out your foundation for the Bali Body BB Cream for a surge of extra moisture, sunscreen and skincare that you won’t get from regular foundation.

Enriched with green tea and ginseng for their rejuvenating properties as well as hyaluronic acid and marine collagen to help strengthen and renew skin, it is your foundation, sunscreen, anti-aging and moisturiser all in one.

Our BB Cream evens out skin tone and hides pigmentation, giving you a naturally dewy glow all winter long. It’s not a traditional BB cream in that it’s not heavy and mattifying, it is sheer, hydrating and provides a fresh-looking “your skin but better” finish.

Wear it during the day with some blush and mascara then thicken it up slightly with an extra layer alongside some concealer, bronzer and a killer winged eyeliner for nights out. Meet your new multi-tasking hero.

Illuminate Your Limbs

Add some shimmer and glow to winter nights out on the town with the Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil. A few drops of the nourishing body oil on your limbs, shoulders and decolletage will give you illuminated, golden shimmering skin.

The body oil smells like an island dream, see it hydrate and shimmer in action here. Make glowing skin your best accessory this winter with Bali Body.

Fake A Sun-Kissed Glow

Sometimes a babes gotta fake it till they make it, and the first self tan product in our new self tan range will do just that - but better!

Get your best (fake) tan at home with the Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse all year round. The game changing product has been gaining popularity from babes worldwide due to its adaptable colour guide technology formula. Put simply, this means that the mousse adapts to your skin type and colour, giving you a perfect, tailor made tan.

If you’re a self tan rookie, we have put together all the best tips and tricks on perfecting your tan here

Try An Instant Bronzer

The Bronzing Lotion is your golden skin saviour when you decide to let spontaneity take over and hit the bar unplanned with your babes. Smooth on this antioxidant-rich moisturiser for the perfect instant hint of tint that can be washed off in the shower. It’s light-weight texture will give you an instant bronzed glow with a hit of hydration. 

#BBProTip: If you’re towards the end of your fake tan and the colour is slightly faded, a layer of the Bronzing Lotion will boost the colour and bring it back to life! 

Shop summer skin in winter with free shipping HERE

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