How These Bad Habits Can Affect Your Skin


How These Bad Habits Can Affect Your Skin

Skin troubles be gone

The seemingly harmless lifestyle habits that could be single handedly sabotaging your skin.

While Coronavirus decided to turn 2020 on its head and spin it around a few times, we all turned to our favourite vice for comfort. A long hot shower each night and a few glasses of rosè may seem completely harmless but your vice's may be the reason you can't get your skin in check. Even the best skincare arsenal can only handle so much. If you’re struggling with your skin then it’s probably time to leave these skin sins behind for less iso breakouts and more radiance. 

Staying up late
Have you ever woken up after getting only 4 hours of sleep thinking that you looked amazing? Neither. Sleep deprivation causes stress, which aggravates skin conditions and causes breakouts of the acne, eczema and psoriasis kind. When you sleep your skin naturally self-repairs damage so a lack of it results in under-eye bags and an overall dull complexion. While an all-nighter before an exam may be necessary every now and then, staying up to binge on Pretty Little Liars during isolation probably needs to stop. 

Just in case you needed another reason to quit, this is it. Smoking damages your skin’s natural collagen and elastin, resulting in loose, sagging skin and accelerated signs of ageing. You know what to do.  

Too much junk food 
Soda, pizza, chocolate, popcorn and pretzels just to name a few, are High-glycemic or High GI foods. While they’re absolutely delicious, they’re also known to be one of the main lifestyle causes related to a handful of skin concerns. This is because High GI foods cause your blood sugar to rise, triggering a surge of insulin. The insulin stimulates your oil-producing hormone called androgens, which generally results in pimples. Ensuring your have a healthy balanced diet of wholegrains and high protein foods with a side of pizza, is the best way to keep your skin on the right track. Alternatively, cut the junk completely and you’re guaranteed to see an improvement within weeks.

Drinking too much alcohol 
We hate to be the fun police, but a few glasses of rosè each night is not doing your skin any favours. As a natural diuretic, alcohol dehydrates the skin which in turn makes it appear tired and sallow, with more fine lines, wrinkles and pores. We’re not saying that you need to throw out all your alcohol, but limiting it with a glass of water in between each wine would be a great start. If you know you’re up for a big night out (once restrictions are lifted of course) then apply a sheet mask before you head out to combat the incoming dehydration. 

Hot showers  
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those long, hot, relaxing showers you’re having aren't doing your skin any good. Hot showers strip your skin of its natural oils, drying it out and causing skin dehydration. While our skin is constantly working to repair itself, if you’re having hot showers often, you’re not giving it the time it needs for skin rejuvenation. Warm showers are recommended to preserve the skin's moisture barrier followed by a daily moisturising lotion application. The Bali Body Luxe Moisturising Lotion is perfect to add intense hydration daily. 

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