How To Get A Booty Like Beyonce - FITAZ X BALI BODY


How To Get A Booty Like Beyonce - FITAZ X BALI BODY

The Fitaz fitness gurus are all the rage, so we had to team up with the pro's and get some kick-arse fitness tips for our favourite gal-pals.

How to get a booty like Beyonce you ask? Fitaz has your back..

They don’t call her Queen B for nothing, she has the most bootylicious bod of all
(hell – she created that word) so, if you think you can handle it and you're ready for this
jelly – follow these few simple tush-tips to get you gorgeous glutes!

Firstly, it is important to remember that all women hold body fat in different areas of the body – and while no nutritional or fitness guidance can change what yo’ mamma gave you, we certainly can offer you strategies to shape and tone your glorious behind to rival that of Kim Kardashians!

1. Release

Release your Glutes using Myofascial release techniques; this can be as simple as sitting or laying on a tennis ball to release tension points in your bum. This will cause the muscles to release, making them easier to activate when you are training.

2. Engage

Learn to engage your glutes through pelvic placement during functional movements that incorporate these muscles. Explained simply, if you are working your Glutes make sure you feel the burn in the target area. Squeeze that toosh in, ladies.

3. Push

When you are trying to train your bum, always push through your heels as this makes it easier to engage your Glutes. Also, avoid using shoes when you are doing resistance work for your booty, as shoes often cause you to put weight through your toes rather than your heels.

4. Isolate

Use isolation exercises to tone and define the glutes. Examples of this are Pelvic lifts, Clams and Glute Kick Backs.

Put your hands up if you are ready to move. Lets chase those booty goals! @fitazfk

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