Meet The Babe Behind Our Fave Vegan Living Insta


Meet The Babe Behind Our Fave Vegan Living Insta

We caught up with @earthyandy to talk all things mum life, vegan living and smoothie bowl recipes. Read more.

As a super busy Mumma, how do you keep your diet on track day-to-day and when you travel?

That’s actually why I love this lifestyle so much, its easy! A lot of natural foods are “pre-packaged” ready to go and full of all the nutrients you need to keep a busy life flowing. Once I shifted my mind to think about all the things I can have instead of what I couldn’t have, I realized how endless the options are. It’s easier to chomp into an apple than to pop open a bag of chips. It might not be as enjoyable at first but the more beneficial foods you eat the better you feel. During this process your taste buds change and before you know it you want that apple over that bag of chips!

In the long run… consistency is key, balance is the goal, and a few indulgences here and there is definitely needed!

My number one tip for keeping our diet on track while traveling would be to explore the local markets and enjoy the foods of that country in their season! We have found it’s an amazing away to taste, get to know the people and culture!

At Bali Body we're all about glowing skin, what foods do you recommend to give skin the ultimate healthy glow from inside out?

More than anything I would say clean water. It’s the cheapest most accessible, most powerful daily habit a person can form! Second from that would be a wide variety of dark leafy greens. I notice a huge difference in the texture and overall appearance in my skin if I’m regularly downing a popcorn bowl sized big ass salad on the daily! Add a green smoothie or juice to your day and you'll be beaming from the inside out! My third tip would be eliminating sodium from your diet. You will look years younger and pounds lighter in even just a few days if you significantly cut down your salt intake.

What was the driving force behind your choice to lead a vegan lifestyle?

To be completely transparent choosing this lifestyle was a last resort attempt at changing my health. I was so skeptical for so long. For years, even the thought of a lot of plant-based foods like fruit scared me, as I would get crazy stomach aches from even a bite. I thought animal protein was necessary at the time. Nevertheless, I had a feeling I needed to at least research a plant-based lifestyle of constant research I decided to give it a trial run. Long story short, it changed my life, it changed my health, I didn't need medication anymore and I felt better than I could have imagined. During the process I learned about the environmental and ethical benefits of following this style of living and it’s something that I felt really good about and felt that it was an all-encompassing lifestyle that made sense for me to do and support long term. That is what has kept me motivated and made it more than a diet but an all-encompassing lifestyle.

You live in tropical heaven, Hawaii, what’s your secret for keeping your skin hydrated, protected and nourished all year long?

Living in this tropical heaven definitely can wreck havoc on your skin so what I love is oils and serums more than any lotions. I have used manoi coconut oil for years. I am currently obsessing over all of the Bali Body Tanning Oils and BB Cream! I also love rose water and vitamin c oils for my face! The sun and sea salt sponge out moisture of the skin so it’s definitely needed to replenish the skin.

What is your favourite smoothie bowl? Can you tell us what’s in it?

Oooh! Okay my all-time favorite is what we call the chunky monkey in our home! It has koko samoa, which taste like a combo of chocolate and coffee, frozen coconut cream, frozen bananas, and coconut peanut butter! On top I love a good granola or rawnowla, coconut flakes, fresh banana, crushed macadamia nuts and a big dollop of coconut peanut butter or a drizzle of homemade nutella, or both! It’s pretty bomb.

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