Skin Tips To Survive The Splurge Over Easter


Skin Tips To Survive The Splurge Over Easter

Want to know how to treat your skin right over the Easter Holidays? Read more below.

Got a sweet tooth? So do we babe. Easter is the time for Easter egg hunts, hot cross buns, chocolate and you guessed it, more chocolate. However, with all this yummy goodness, unfortunately can come with the unwanted breakouts and bad skin caused by eating too many sugary treats. That’s why we are here to help avoid those unwanted skin conditions that make us dread taking another bite of our chocolate bunny.

Tip one: Keep It Natural

You’ve heard the saying less is more, so keep it natural babe, and don’t pile chemical ridden foundations on your skin. By applying thick, cakey foundations to our skin, our skin can’t breathe, meaning our pores become blocked, leading to breakouts. If you're prone to dull skin tone, uneven complexion or acne, use our BB Cream for your most flawless complexion yet. Treat your skin right and apply the good stuff. In this one-stop-shop, miracle tube, comes your primer, foundation, UV protection, anti-aging and moisturiser. It works like magic and gives you the most natural glow when applied. This BB not only will save you time but money around this time of the year.  Because natural beauty is the best kind of beauty.

Tip two: Hydrate

The most obvious skin tip of them all. Water. To flush and remove all the toxins from your body, you must remain hydrated. While eating high sugar foods is apart of every easter ritual, it can leave the  skin looking a bit worse for wear. When we don't drink enough water, our skin may appear duller and wrinkles and pores become more prominent. However, if you can't seem to gulp down the recommended three litres a day (cause who has time for that over the Easter festivities) we are here to help you get that daily dose of H2O from the outside in. Our Luxe Lotion is a lightweight, non greasy body lotion. It not only deeply smoothes and replenishes the skin but also repairs and renews deep into your pores. This hydration hero is packed with ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Camellia Tea Oil. Only the good stuff in here.

Tip three: Swap Traditional Chocolate For Vegan

We know as a true BB babe, that you love animals, just as much as we do! So over this Easter try to swap your milk chocolate for natural/vegan chocolate. Not only will your skin love you for it, but so will the bunnies (we aren't just talking about the chocolate ones). Milk chocolate comes with one big drawback - that is that they are loaded with refined sugars, fat and are extremely processed. Vegan chocolate on the other hand has coconut sugar which is less processed than cane sugar and contains more minerals. It is also a rich source of insulin, giving a lower GI index than traditional chocolate. Now there's a skin crisis averted.

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