Follow our 4 steps for that flawless trackside glow...

When it comes to getting race day ready – we all know skin is king. And thank god for that magical little thing called makeup designed to hide away the evidence of last nights chocolate bender or the very little sleep you didn’t get. BUT if your lusting after that effortless race day glow – this will require more than just a quick fix. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Were talkin’ about loving your body from the inside out and your skin will love you too. Read on for our 4 step prescription for flawless race ready skin.

Boost your skins healthy glow with an inner beauty supplement. Our pick is The Beauty Chefs GLOW Inner Beauty Powder which is not only delicious but also provides a powerhouse of nutrients for healthy and radiant skin. Mix with coconut water for an extra hydration boost.

Get yours here: http://www.thebeautychef.com/inner-beauty/inner-beauty-powder-150g

The biggest culprit of dull, dry looking skin is dehydration. Keep your skin nourished and hydrated by drinking loads of water + lemon. Exfoliate the skin to clear the skins surface of dead cells (try dry body brushing) and replenish and rehydrate using Bali Body Luxe Moisturising Lotion.

Get yours here: http://balibody.com.au/products/luxe-moisturising-lotion

Greens oxygenate the skin and work from the inside out to keep the skin glowing and healthy. Start your day with a green juice or smoothie to get your daily dose of skin loving nutrients and that trackside glow.

Sweat now to glow later. Sweating it out opens up the pores and releases the build up of toxins which can plague the skin with zits and blemishes. Get moving to detox and tone the skin. Were LOVING Bikram yoga for a serious sweat up!

Wallah! Perfectly smooth and glowing skin

Love BB X

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