The Best Vegan Hot Spots in LA


The Best Vegan Hot Spots in LA

For all the Bali Body babes who are vegan on the inside too. 

Whether you’re vegan on the inside or just the outside (insert: Bali Body) this round up of vegan hot spots in sunny Los Angeles will have your mouth salivating for more faster than you can take a pic for the gram.

Luckily for our vegan babes, the range of vegan friendly restaurants in LA definitely deliver. From pizza to green bowls of goodness named after affirmations and heavenly Mexican food that will transport you straight to the streets of Tulum.

Cafe Gratitude

With its colourful plant based dishes and inspiring service, Cafe Gratitude will leave you feeling - you guessed it, grateful.

This vegan cafe have named their dishes after affirmations, so when your waiter asks you what you want for lunch, you declare “I Am Connected” and a bowl of guacamole and housemade corn tortilla chips will appear.

The zen hot spot was created with the intention to support local farmers and sustainable agriculture, a big tick of approval from us.

With five locations in the Los Angeles area, Newport Beach, Venice, Larchmont Village, Beverly Hills and in the Down Arts District you have no reason not to grab yourself a Gracious Summer Salad with a side of Intuitive French Fries.

The Butcher’s Daughter

Located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, in the beachfront neighbourhood of Venice is The Butcher’s Daughter, a plant-based restaurant and juice bar.

Best known for their creative flair to juices, The Butcher's Daughter use the best seasonal produce, roots and fresh herbs to create refreshing blends that will cure jet lag and even a very regretful hangover (it happens to the best of us).

If you’re not sure what to order, our pick is the Mexican Cacao Elixir, filled with the same raw cacao that you can find in our Cacoa Tanning Oil, this chocolatey wellness latte will put a spring in your step.

With fans like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel who are often spotted at their NYC restaurant, this vegan paradise is a must try.

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Cruzer Pizza & Pasta

Where all your cheesy vegan dreams come true. A 100% meat-and-dairy free pizza and pasta parlour that’s also gluten free, because there's no time to get your stomach in a knot on our watch.

Cruzer is a tiny pizza shop that delivers big on the food. Choose from a variety of faux meats, including “pepperoni and steak” or grab mouth-watering spaghetti with “meatballs” pasta.

Didn’t think it could get any better? The dessert menu consists of vegan cupcakes, chocolate lava cake and even a double stack tiramisu. Is your mouth wide open right now? Are you hungry? Don't worry, us too.

Gracias Madre

Get your iPhones ready babes, this Mexican restaurant is a sight for sore eyes and IG worthy snaps. A cross between Mexican chic and Palm Springs casual, the venue is decorated with festive cushions and tiles, a gorgeous courtyard and incredible high ceilings.

The West Hollywood hot spot offers a menu inspired by the kitchens of Mexico, while all the produce is sourced locally from organic farmers. You can expect lots of potato, beans, mushrooms and their creamy homemade cashew nacho “cheese” on the menu.

No Mexican date is complete without some tequila laden cocktails and Gracias Madre have more than 100 tequilas and mezcals to choose from. Our suggestion? Freshen up after a long day of working/shopping/tanning with the Bali Body BB Cream and Shimmering Oil, then grab a girlfriend and order yourself some guacamole con tortillas and a Lavanda cocktail.

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All the food is full of so much flavour and love here, you won’t be disappointed.

Salud, BB babes.

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