Two In One - BB Products are Multi-taskers


Two In One - BB Products are Multi-taskers

Use your Bali Body products in more ways than one.

At Bali Body, we believe that every babe should glow day or night, winter or summer. So that’s why we made sure all Bali Body products can be used in more ways than one. Declutter your makeup bags and bring it back to the basics. These 3 multi-taskers will save you, in more ways than one, literally.

Whether you're battling through the arctic temps, getting salty by the beach, heading out for date night or working 9-5 our multi purpose products see you through every situation.

BB Cream SPF15

The holy grail of all BB Creams, combining foundation, primer, sunscreen, moisturiser, anti ageing & highlighter all in one. Perfect for every situation, who wouldn't want a flawless complexion 24/7.

Fun in the sun.

Before hitting the rays, apply our BB Cream SPF15 for ultra hydration and skin protection. Enriched with green tea & ginseng for their rejuvenating properties. Lightweight and easy to apply meaning you can spend less time in the mirror and more time beachside with your best babes. Gives the perfect dewy, glowing finish so your always insta ready.

BB by night.

Bali Body babes all over the globe are swapping out their foundation for our BB Cream and here's why. Not only does our miracle cream give you an out of this world illuminated complexion, but rejuvenates deep into the pores with hyaluronic acid & marine collagen. Unlike heavy foundations, our BB Cream doesn't give a cakey appearance or clog your pores. Lazy girls on the go, this one’s for you.


BB Gold

BB gold, AKA Natural Tanning & Body Oil the original oil that began our Bali Body tribe. This everyday staple makes hydrating and moisturising your skin easy.

Winter days.

In the winter our skin doesn't always have the strongest glow game. If you’re the kind of gal who is prone to dry skin, uneven fake tan and eczema prone skin then don’t stress, your loyal skin slave has come to the rescue, our Natural Tanning and Body Oil!

Summer days.

When the weather steps up, so should your Bali Body tan. Grab your best babes, your towel, and your BB Gold. Lather your skin generously with our Natural Tanning and Body Oil for that deep golden tan.

Lip Balm SPF15

Protecting your pout.

Keep your lips soft, plump and protected with our tropics in a tube. Rest easy knowing your lips are protected from UV Rays all day long. The cocoa butter moisturises the lips and protects it from the elements, while jojoba oil soothes and keeps the lips balmy and fresh

Night gloss.

When the lights go out, plump your pout with the perfect mix of balmy and glossy. Apply before you hit the town and enjoy hydrated and nourished lips from dusk till dawn. Our Coconut Lip Balm contains coconut oil, cocoa butter and jojoba oil. The coconut oil rejuvenates the lips’ skin, giving a beautiful glow. All babes rejoice.

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