Ways To De-stress After A Hectic Day


Ways To De-stress After A Hectic Day

Go from chaotic to calm

After a long, hard day at your 9-5, the first thing most of us want to do when we get home is completely crash, lock the door and put on Dynasty. However, if you really want to unwind after a day full of ‘I can’t even’ there are better ways to relax other than watching Netflix. Try these handy tips to seriously de-stress and set yourself up to better tackle tomorrow. 

Go for a walk

When work had you in a fluster all day, put on your runners and go get some fresh air. One of the best ways to de-stress after work is by going for a nice, long walk. Not only will it do you a world of good mentally, but it’s also really important for your overall health. Any kind of activity that boosts your heart rate and causes a bit of huff and puff will relieve stress and leave you feeling happier inside and out.

Catch up with BFF

Besties make everything better. Go hang with your bestie and have a vent session about your day. Being around your nearest and dearest can reduce the production of cortisol which will leave you feeling all brand new.  

Go out for dinner

After a stress-filled day, the last thing you want to do is cook, and not to mention clean up. Treat yourself to a meal at your favourite restaurant and let you worries melt away. You’ll feel comforted by a delicious meal and your mind will be taken off your difficult day at the office.

Drink tea

A hot cup of tea solves everything. Try sipping on your favourite brew and let your worries melt away. Our top pick for a soothing brew is a Chamomile tea. It’ll help relieve excess stress and ensure you sleep like a baby. We’ve got you. 

Take a bath 

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to relax is by taking a nice, long bath. Soaking in warm water, feeling completely weightless with a bath bomb will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. Try playing some tunes as well to create a completely calm ambience. Our go-to calming playlists on Spotify is The sound you need. Top BB tip: After your bath, apply our Natural Tanning and Body Oil for seriously soft, smooth and hydrated skin. Trust us babe, you're going to love it. 

End the battle with feeling stressed after work. Try these tips and feel the difference.

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