5 easy travel beauty hacks


5 easy travel beauty hacks

Make your travel beauty routine a breeze with our 5 easy hacks so you can get the most out of our holiday!

Whether you are planning on getting some sun in Bali or embracing your adventurous side with a ski trip to Canada, you will want to look good while you are enjoying your holiday. But with long haul flights, limited suitcase space and inevitable jet lag, it can be tough to look your best when travelling. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 5 easy hacks which will make your travel beauty routine a breeze.

1. Be prepared

The majority of beauty hacks for travelling come down to preparation. A little pre-planning can go a long way in ensuring that your beauty routine is straightforward and easy once you’re away. If possible, schedule your haircut, lashes and eyebrows, waxing or laser and nail tech appointments as close to your departure date. Lash extensions can save you from the constant annoyance of applying and removing mascara, and having your brows tinted or laminated will keep them looking good all-day, everyday!  It’s also a good idea to get your glow on before you leave the trip. Having a healthy glow will have you feeling confident when you arrive and avoid you from panic burning trying to get the perfect tan on your first day. 

Simply apply some fake tan in between packing your suitcase and double checking your flight itinerary. We recommend using Express Self Tan the night before your trip begins so you can see the colour straight away. Then pack some gradual tan to maintain your bronzed glow during your trip.

2. Use multi taskers 

When space is at a premium in your suitcase, using multi-tasker products is an easy way to still look great without having to worry about lugging around your whole makeup kit. There’s no need to pack both your foundation and sunscreen products when you use a BB Cream. It will provide you with sun protection, essential moisture and great coverage all in one product. Even swapping out your foundation and bronzer for gradual face tan is an easy way to look glowy without overpacking. 

3. Do skincare on the flight

Long international flights can be one of the worst parts of travelling, especially if you are sitting at the back of the plane. Doing some simple skin care throughout the flight will have you arriving at your destination fresh faced and ready to enjoy your holiday. We recommend skipping your usual makeup routine, aside from sunscreen as UV rays can pass through the windows, and instead focus on hydration. The high altitude and recycled air can quickly strip moisture so we recommend putting on a hydrating sheet mask before settling in with your favourite rom-com. Of course, there is no substitute for beauty sleep so pack noise cancelling headphones and a sleep mask to ensure a decent rest. 

4. Keep it simple

When travelling, you’ll need to weigh up whether it's worth bringing all your makeup palettes, brushes and other accessories required to do some exciting makeup looks. In between all the sightseeing, lying by the pool or ocean, shopping and eating, will you have the time and energy to use all the products you want to bring? Whittling down your makeup bag to just the essentials will make your life significantly easier and prevent you from lugging around a heavy bag. It’s best to choose a few key products that you absolutely cannot live without. Whether it’s a waterproof mascara, bronzing serum or your favourite lipstick, ensure that these products can be worn day to night, everyday of the trip. 

5.Opt for the travel size

It’s time to break out the minis! Using sample sizes of your favourite makeup, skincare and perfume products can shave off a few kilos of your suitcase weight. You can decant your shampoo, conditioner and body wash into smaller travel sized containers. Just make sure there is no risk of leaking by placing any liquids into zip lock bags. 

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