If your bb ain’t going places.. houston we have a problem. bb is a multi-tasking hydrator, designed to be by your side every step of the way. Through the ups and downs of summer and winter, beachside to bedside, vacay to staycay. If your bb ain’t going places, you ain’t using your bb to max. potential. Read on babes for 3 locations you should be using your bb.



If you’re going on vacay (jelly), chances are you’ll be getting there via the clouds. Dryness is a likely skin dilemma when you’re in flight mode, and possibly sitting under a vent of stale air. That’s where BB Moisturising Lotion + BB Body Oil step in to hydrate thirsty skin, and bring it back to the land of the living. It can be awkward applying lotions and potions whilst flying so keep your beautifying for the bathroom. This way your neighbours will be happy and you won’t be sitting the flight out in a greasy, oil-laden seat. Rub the oil or lotion (its you’re call) all over (even the brows); give it a min to sink in. And then return to your seat, find your headphones, and call it a flight.

NOTE: some flights will have liquid restrictions. If this is the case you can use bb as a pre/post flight hydrator but don't try to take it in your on-board luggage. This may lead to bb confiscation and a very unhappy babe.

If you’re hitting the slopes or somewhere icy cold – bb should be at you’re side. There’s nothing more likely to suck the dewy-goodness out of you’re skin than a winter wonderland. Apply BB Moisturising Lotion or Body Oil, daily. And if your skin needs a little protection from frosty winds, we recommend applying some BB Moisturising Sunscreen to the exposed areas.



If you’re vacaying in the sunshine or just lapping up the rays in you’re backyard – reach for the pina colada BB.

A day in the sunshine calls for some protection and hydration.

Step 1: Layer up in BB Moisturising Sunscreen. It’ll feel like a normal body lotion and you won’t be left looking like an oily version of casper.

Step 2: Lather all over in BB Watermelon Tanning Oil. This little bottle of summer is made from a cocktail of plant-based oils - Watermelon Seed Oil is the one you’re gonna worship. It works to naturally enhance your tan whilst keeping your youthfulness in check. And if you’re a little on the pale side- we recommend BB Cacao Tanning Oil instead for a hint of bronze without the sun.



A bathroom without BB is like a bathroom without a bath (or shower). BB Body Oil slash Moisturising Lotion are your go-to’s for post-bath/shower hydration and nourishment. These miracle lotions and potions are laden with an array of plant-based oils, designed to eradicate skin nasties, and keep skin hydration in check. FYI – whatever product is applied most steamy bath or shower is able to penetrate much deeper into the skin. So after the bath apply a big slather of oil or lotion (depending on your preference), give it a min to sink in, and then feel the dewiness of those pins.

A BB by your bedside is also a good idea. Lather before calling it night, and let smooth pins hit silky sheets. Your skin will feel like bliss under the covers and you’ll wake up glowing.


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