How To Pack Smarter For Your Next Vacay


How To Pack Smarter For Your Next Vacay

The ultimate guide to space saving in your suitcase

Whether you’re going on a road trip interstate or flying to Euro for a summer vacay, no one enjoys hauling around an excessively heavy suitcase. If getting your suitcase from hotel room to Uber feels like a pump class at the gym, you need these packing tips in your life stat. We’ve all been that “I’ll need 4 outfits, but i’ve packed 35 just to be safe” person and had deep regrets mid-holiday when carrying your suitcase up a flight of stairs. While culling your bikinis, clothes and shoes seems pretty much impossible, we have some space saving beauty tricks that will ensure you pack smarter and lighter.

Makeup bags can take up a whole lot of space, especially when traveling. If your beauty bag looks anything like the vast majority of ours here at BB HQ, it’s an overflowing mess of serums, creams, tubs and tubes. There’s no greater hassle than digging through a black hole of unknown just to find your favourite lip balm. Before jetting off, we recommend sorting through your beauty bag and only taking your holy grail essentials that you literally cannot live without. Compact, travel size and ideally multi-tasking products are the key to space saving in your suitcase.

The Bali Body BB Cream is a perfect example. It’s a product that combines your primer, moisturiser, foundation, SPF protection and anti-aging skincare all into one compact tube. When you’re on vacay all you want is just enough coverage for everyday wear, then the ability to layer for additional coverage by night. The Bali Body BB Cream will be your new BFF on vacay - always ensuring a radiant, glowing complexion no matter what your vacay throws at you.

Avoid your sunny vacay drying out your lips with our Coconut Lip Balm. It’s conveniently compact and will slide nicely into your hand bag or makeup bag. Filled with nourishing oils, this balm will hydrate, plump and smooth your pout. With just the right mix of balmy and glossy, our Coconut Lip Balm is the perfect final touch to your vacay makeup look minus the hassle of lugging around umpteen lip products. You never know when you might get yourself a vacay smooch babes.

Whether your vacay consists of sitting poolside with a margarita in hand or layering up in winter woolies, hydrated skin is a must. Instead of packing the 1L supermarket bought body lotion that your Mum bought you, we recommend opting for our Natural Tanning and Body Oil. It’s the perfect size for traveling and can be used in more ways than one. If you’re vacaying somewhere tropical, lather yourself in this liquid gold for a seriously golden suntan. Filled with glow boosting ingredients, this OG Tanning Oil will take your tan game to a solid 10. When you’ve retreated back to your room, apply our Body Oil for seriously hydrated skin post shower. If you’re vacaying somewhere cooler, we recommend using the Bali Body Natural Tanning and Body Oil as your daily moisturiser. With this liquid gold by your side, your skin won't dry out in the cooler temps and will be left feeling hydrated and smooth. All this goodness in one bottle, your skin won't know what hit it. 

The most savvy space saving hack when it comes to packing, would be compact, sleek packaging to tightly hold your products. Our Tropical Trio, Self Tan Heroes, Golden Traveler Bundle and Late Night lover bundles come in perfect travel pouches that slide seamlessly into your suitcase ensuring that maximum space is saved. The pouches can also double as makeup bags or to hold damp wet bathers in your case. You can thank us later babe.

Now all you need to do is decide which 5 bikinis out of 20 to pack and you’re ready to go. Want to keep your skin glowing on a long haul flight? Find out how here

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