Match Your Bali Body With Your Vacay


Match Your Bali Body With Your Vacay

From the sunshine-seeker to the city roamer, we've got you covered

From the tropics to the city, we've got the right bundle for your next vacay.

Long-time traveller

Backpacking babes or those travelling the world, this one's for you. Containing the perfect combination of tanning, hydration and protection, ‘The Taste Of BB’ bundle will have you covered for every kind of climate you may encounter on your adventures.


The City Roamer

The city slicker and lovers of the hustle and bustle of city life require a skin glow thats cool but effortless. They also need a little something for those extra nights out in the city.

‘The Complete Glow’ bundle is a match made in heaven. The BB Cream and Bronzing Lotion will kick your skin into holiday mode with just one lather. They’re also the perfect accompaniment to your night out. Then comes the Gold Tanning and Body Oil - a travellers dream. It will eradicate any kind of dryness you may experience from moving between different weather conditions. What’s more it’ll keep your skin nourished and free of skin nasties such as eczema.


The ‘Three’s A Charm’ bundle was born in the tropics and made for the sun-seekers and lovers of a golden tan. It features three Bali Body Tanning Oil’s - one of every flavour. Perfect for your next tropical escape.

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