Your one night s(tan)d.

Say hello to a fresh take on our best selling Instant Tan spray. This deeply hydrating, skin perfecting cream blends seamlessly to deliver a dark yet natural looking tan in seconds.

Enriched with an advanced blend of skincare ingredients to deeply hydrate & nourish, all while delivering a smooth bronzed glow.

A true “no commitment” tan, this lightweight cream blends flawlessly, dries fast & removes just as easily with soap & water. The perfect last minute product for last minute plans.

Introducing Instant Tan Cream

Achieve flawless, bronzed skin in seconds with our New Instant Tan Cream. An innovative redesign of our viral Instant Tan spray to offer additional benefits that will revolutionise your self tanning routine.

From easy application to a deeply hydrating, skincare infused formula, get ready for all the glow, no commitment.

See it in action

Key Ingredients

Jojoba Seed Oil

A sensitive skin super hero. Contains anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness & ease the effects of eczema, keeping skin calm & comfortable.

Vitamin E

Deeply hydrating & nourishing. Effectively improves skin ageing & texture, resulting in a smooth, plump, radiant appearance.

Lactic Acid

A type of AHA which brightens & smooths. Contains antimicrobial properties to keep pores clean, ideal for people with sensitive or acne prone skin.


A natural component of healthy skin. Fortifies & strengthens skin’s moisture barrier while improving resiliency for a youthful appearance.

Perfect For Dry Skin

“I'm obsessed with the Bali Body Instant Tan spray but i'm so glad it comes in this formula as well. The cream is perfect for winter when my skin is a bit dryer. It goes on so smoothly and you can really feel the hydrating skincare with every application"

- Chelsea M